A Bedroom For Strangers started in Brooklyn, NY where artist Caroline Newton invited strangers (via friends) to share pillow talk with her in her personal bed at home. 

Caroline then took the project to Los Angeles and invited participants to join her in a dreamlike bedroom installation that she specifically created in the Meeting Room Gallery at Navel. Participants were encouraged to book an appointment between the dates of May 16th - 19th. The project ended with a one night exhibition at Navel Sunday May 20th. The portraits taken from each session were displayed.

Although A Bedroom For Strangers is an experimental project, Caroline carefully designed the installation to offer a safe, welcoming space for anyone to enter. Whether you need to talk something through, discuss the weather, escape your fast paced life, even say nothing at all, or simply see what this project is all about, you are encouraged and welcomed. 



nyc participants



 A Bedroom For Strangers attempts to break down social barriers that people often experience upon meeting someone new. Small talk is defined as a polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters. Pillow talk is defined as an intimate conversation in bed. The artist is interested in what happens when small talk and pillow talk are juxtaposed into one experience.




  • The duration of a session depends on the participant’s preference.

  • There will be no sexual acts involved in this project.

  • The artist and participant will take a portrait at the end of their session (optional per participant’s comfort level).

  • Conversations will be audio recorded (also optional per participant’s comfort level).

  • If any sound is used in the future associated with this project, identities will remain anonymous.